Kauai's Jewish Cemetery
Kauai'sJewish Cemetery

We have established a Jewish Cemetery on Kauai, for the very first time.

This has been a process of several years, and has come as the result of the need for proper traditional Jewish burial, and after several fellow Jewish people have passed away, with this opportunity lacking.


The Jewish Cemetery is located in the Ali'i section of the existing Kalapaki Bay Memorial Park in Lihue, which overlooks the Nawiliwili Harbor and Kalapaki Bay. 

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There are over 130 burial plots available here, and we already have 6 people interred here.

While we hope to not be busy with burial any time soon, we are already actively selling plots, for those who wish to plan for after-life. (According to Jewish teachings, owning a designated burial plot is a blessing for longevity!)


The purchase of the parcel was made possible by a generus grant from Mr. Richard Seigel, in memory of his late father, Bennet, who is also interred here.


Memorial Wall

We intend to erect a Memorial Wall, where anyone may honor the memory and life of a loved one, with a plaque. Proceeds of these memorial plaques will go toward the upkeep of the cemetery and the fund for indigant Jews, enabling them to receive a traditional burial.


We will enable online donations shortly. If you're interested in supporting this cause please email us



Purchasing Plots:

If you are interested in learning more about purchasing a plot, we can arrange a one-on-one meeting at a location and time of your choice.

Please email info@kjmg.org or call 808-647-4293.


Board of Directors:

Michoel Goldman, Director

Dovid Tilson, Treasurer

Yossi Solove, Secretary



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